Means to Wear Cufflinks with Buttons

Cufflinks are mainly a substitute of buttons on chemises’ sleeves that come in many different shapes and styles. They function as cuff holders as they link them together and fasten them as a means of protection from excessive dirt, plus they add a touch of high fashion to both formal and casual outfits. If you haven’t heard about the latest trend for novelty cufflinks, you may like to see this star trek cufflinks example right here.

The steps to attach a cufflink to the chemise are pretty simple.

  1. The cuff should be flipped over the edge of the sleeve making both ends of the cuff meet. Note that the openings on the cuff and the other side should be parallel to each other once brought closely together.
  2. The cuff link is to be inserted through the button openings and note that the decorated part of the cufflink needs to rest on the outside surface of the cuff, while its metal body is penetrating the opening and pointing out of it to the inside of the cuff (hint from cufflinkspalace).
  3. Rotate the metal body so that it forms a straight line parallel to the decorated end hanging on the outside of the sleeve’s cuff.
  4. Repeat steps -2- and -3- with the other sleeve.
  5. If your shirt has any additional buttons over the cuff you just need to fasten them.

Now you’re done ! Congratulation!

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